Mourik 3D 360°video

ExplainMedia produced this 3D 360 degree virtual reality video for Mourik Services BV, to be displayed on their stand at the Maintenance Next fair in Rotterdam.

Mourik Stand at Maintenance Next fair

Visitors could watch the video on a Samung Gear device.

In ten 360° 3D scenes, the video shows 24 services Mourik performs for various industries. Visitors can look around while watching the video. A voice over explains where they are and what they are seeing.

See how a sewer is replaced, see the Mourik Lift-Lock in action, look around in a tubular reactor and see how the MIDC-loader loads the catalyst into the tubes. See Mourik at work.

Whatch the video on YouTube! The video is experienced best if you watch it using a Cardboard or a similar device with your smartphone.


Greenscreen recording of Mourik personnel

ExplainMedia included real footage of Mourik workers in the video, which was recorded in a greenscreen studio.








April 11, 2017